Monday, April 6, 2009


There is such a joy and exilaration in being accepted. Accepted on the team. Accepted as a college applicant. Accepted as a love interest. Accepted in the workplace. Just simply accepted. We belong. We matter. We mean something to someone.

Yet, more often than not we live in place of rejection. We are not accepted on the team. We don't get the job that we want. We don't do as well on a paper that we thought we would do. The person that we are in love with doesn't give us the time of day. Rejection hurts.

Yet we have an awesome promise that we must remind ourselves of daily. We are accepted in the beloved (Eph. 1:6)! Christ accepts us into His beloved.

When we give Christ our dreams, our thoughts, and our desires, I believe that Christ is quick to accept us into the beloved. It is because He knows the pain of rejection. Even though He has given His life for all, people rejected Him while He was on earth and reject Him even today.

He knows the joy of what it means for someone to accept Him. He wants us to feel that same joy. When we accept Him, we are able to realize the acceptance that He has for us and live in that place.

My prayer...

Lord, I thank you that You have accepted us into the beloved. Eclipse the blows to our confidence and pain of rejection with your steadfast and unshakable love. Remind us daily that You accept us, that You are for us, and that we are Your beloved. In Jesus' Name. Amen


Phillydizzi Bride to Be said...

Great post. This is the perfect time to think about how Jesus accepted us even though we reject him everyday.

Lauren said...

Amen and Amen