Monday, March 30, 2009


Last week I went out to lunch with a really great friend at a really nice eatery. I sat down first, and the waitress, who probably thought I was a child, came across a little rude. Thankfully my friend is much more courageous than I when it comes to ensuring good service, and expressed her concern to the management.

After the waitress saw us praying over our food, she came by and expressed how sorry she was and that she was a Christian too.

Um okay....

It took me back to a book I am reading that begins by sharing that we are called to be priests. A priest shows the world who our God is, what our God acts like - simply put we are His representatives.

Maybe this waitress had a long day, or a lot on her mind, or whatever. I don't know. And there have been times that I have had to remind myself that I am a Christian and I need to act like it. I am not at all suggesting that we need to be pushovers, because that is not who our God is. But, what I am suggesting though that we live lives that show forth God's grace, His goodness, His favor, His forgiveness, and most of all His Love.

My prayer...

Lord, you have called us to be priests, representatives of You in this world. Give us grace to live a life worthy of the call You have set before us. Guard our lives with your peace, guard our minds with your wisdom, and guard our hearts with your love. When we are weak, be our strength. When we feel powerless, gird us up with your truth and might. When tests and trials of all manners come against us, remind us that you will never leave us, and you will never let us have more than we can bear.
In Jesus' Name,

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Phillydizzi Bride to Be said...

I struggle with this all the time. Whenever I'm tired or short on patience, the last thing on my mind is to act as a priest. Thanks for this simple reminder because we very well be the only "Jesus" that some people may ever see.