Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't Get Lost

Some Sundays I ride the bus to the National Mall. My activities vary between people watching, reading, or simply walking around. I was in a walking mood the last time I went and saw two women sitting on a bench while about five or six children ran around them. As I got closer, one of the women took the hand of a child and started walking across the grassy area. They couldn't have walked more than ten steps when a four-year-old girl yelled out, "MOM!!!!!!!" The woman turned around and looked at her. The little girl continued with the most serious face that a four-year-old could muster, "Don't get lost."

Though I initially chucked, as I thought more I realized that themes of being lost, or conversely, staying on course by being guided, run throughout the Bible. We see God throughout the Old Testament as a Shepherd - not only guiding, but seeking lost sheep. We learn in the New Testament more about Christ's mission - there are the parables of the lost coin and the shepherd who goes after that one lost sheep.

That little girl's voice rang in my ears for a few days, and I realized there are moments when I feel lost. I may think I am going one way for a reason, and when I look up time has flown and I seem nowhere near the place I had in mind. But, in those same moments, I trust I am being guided - and the beauty of having a Shepherd floods my soul.

Usually, resolutions seem more appropriate at the year's beginning. But, today I ask US to make one. I say “us” because I don’t want to leave myself out of this one! Continue to let the Shepherd guide us. Continue to let His will be done in our lives. His path is always best, and He doesn't ever want us to be lost. So, today I remind you, and I remind myself, "don't get lost."