Monday, March 8, 2010

God is good.

God is good. It's three words, pretty simple, but they hold a lot of power and meaning. He's good.

Over the last couple of days I have been reminding myself that God is not one who dashes our hopes, bursts our balloons, or lets us down. He is so good. And He does good. And He thinks good things about us.

It's so easy to forget this when things don't go our way or when we don't know why things are happening the way they may be happening. I personally think the heartwrenching moments happen because we live in a broken world. But I also believe that God's heart hurts when our heart hurts.

A friend and I were talking about suffering recently. She shared stories she read of Christians who were tortured, or just had really hard and difficult lives, but in the midst of all of it still declared God's goodness. Regardless of the situation, they realized that God is always good.

I want to live in the place where I believe in the goodness of God. There are times that I think that God is only doing good at certain times, or that His goodness expires after a few good things have happened. But that is so not true about God. He is good and His mercy for us endures forever.

We are always on His mind. His love for us is infinite and extends in ways that are unimaginable. He is good.