Friday, May 30, 2008

I know why the crackhead bird sings

"Crackhead bird?" you might ask. "Yes," I respond, "crackhead bird." Those who know about SE DC know that bird could have quite possibly have gotten a hold of something it should not have eaten...i.e. crack. I can tell you that even in birds - crack is wack. How do I know this? Because of the bird who insisted on singing to me and my neighbors beginning around midnight. Not just last night, but every night this past week. Most birds start their song in the a.m., like daylight a.m. This I don't have a problem with - it's nice in the morning. But midnight!! This bird has some issues! I was really annoyed because it was hot and those who know me know that I do not turn on air condition until July 1 - so my windows have been open. Last night, however, he was extremely vocal. I mean every different bird chirp you could think of, this bird chirped. Every bird song a bird could possibly sing, this bird sang. After about thirty minutes of this though, I couldn't help but laugh. Then slowly, that laughter became thoughts about this bird and what I could learn from it.

Why does the crackhead bird sing? Quite simply, because it has a song. Not just a song, but the song only that bird can sing. Even though that bird seemed to be in a jacked up situation (mainly from whatever caused it to sing all night rather than during the day - my theory - crack), it was still singing. The depth to this is no matter how low we are or how low we may be feeling, we still have a song in our heart. Even when our days are dark and dreary and we really don't seem to have mornings, we still have a song. Even if you are in a midnight time in your life - sing your song. Even if the the other birds aren't singing - sing your song. Even if your circumstances say you shouldn't be singing - sing your song.

I started tearing up a little when I wrote this because I can relate to that bird - NOT the crack aspect. : ) Lately, I have found myself randomly singing, which over the last few months has been nonexistent. Like, today I was making a lot of copies at like 4:20 (I am supposed to leave work at 4:30), but I found myself happily singing. I am not exactly in my "joy cometh in the morning" stage of life, but I know God put a song in my heart so that I can continue to thrive, no matter what! That's exciting! Even when we are in midnight stages - still trying to figure out who we are, what our call in life is, what we are supposed to be spending our time doing, how we can juggle everything we need to, what the economy crunch means in our life, [fill in your own personal blank]...God still gives us a song.
I encourage you to find it. And SING!