Sunday, April 26, 2009

What WOULD Jesus do?...

Tonight I went to an event hosted by Sojourners called the Mobilization to End Poverty. It was powerful. The church was packed with people from all over the country, from all faiths, and of all colors. Howard University's Rankin Chapel Choir sang the house down and left many of us in awe of God through the worship. We heard powerful speakers and leaders share their testimonies as well as empower us to go forth and be change agents in ending poverty.

I left the church feeling strengthened and joyful. As I walked further down the sidewalk, I saw something that made me feel as I had been hit with a ton of cement. Three homeless men lay in an entryway of a building connected to the church. I stopped walking for a moment and then not knowing what to do, kept walking and got in my car. I sat in my car and watched as about 20 people pass these men, only about 3 of the people, from what I could tell, even noticed that they lay there. I found myself a bit heated knowing the Word we just heard. Most of the people at the conference worked full time in anti poverty missions and ministries. While I won't judge because I don't know what was on the minds or hearts of any of the people who passed by these men, I do know that these men are still our neighbors. My spirit became even more convicted. I was still hesitant because I wanted to do something and didn't know what to do. So I leaned on what I am learning is my only source of direction - my communication with God. I asked God what I could do and just like the friend He promised to be to us, He told me. (This I will leave between me and Him...)

When will we let the love of God infiltrate our hearts so much that it will be impossible to pass by someone in need (physical, spiritual, emotional)?
When when we realize that we have the answer to a world in need?
When will we truly lay everything of our own down, pick up our cross and follow Jesus?

My prayer...

Lord, forgive me for the missed opportunities to be a blessing or to help someone in need. Give me sensitivity to the needs of those around me and the courage to respond to them. Empower me to live a life worthy of the calling You set before me. Let the fruit of the Spirit be evident in me. Replace the selfishness in me with kindness and gentleness. Replace the fear in me with Your love. Replace the doubt in me with faith and hope.
In Jesus' Name,

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Wow. That was a powerful post!