Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i decided i want more of it in my life.

i don't want to just believe that God can do anything, i want to know that He can do anything.

i want to see the exceedingly abundantly.

i want to taste the goodness of the Lord on earth, as it is in heaven.

i want to see miracles. not just a miracle of an answered prayer for something in my own life. i want to see miracles in the lives of others.

i want to hear the doctor tell my grandma that they have no idea where the brain tumor went.

i want to hear the voice of my cousin evangelizing to others about the goodness of the Lord.

i want more faith.

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DevotionalizeThis! said...

Amen! Don't we all? Well, maybe not. But the best part about it. Is God will give it to us. Right now, He is teaching us and molding us thru life and it's happenings, He's growing our faith. So we can live in it. So we can grow more so we can do more for His kingdom. Ahh. He is great. And greatly to be praised.