Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Shall I Live?

Though I really really really (did I mention really) wanted to chill this summer, I decided to take a Sociology of Religion course at Wesley. Since we receive three credits in the course of 2 weeks, you can imagine how much reading and information I am being exposed to right now. Tonight though, I had a little bit of a breakthrough in being reignited to see justice roll forth like springs of righteousness in our world.

It started as I was reading one of the text and a phrase jumped out at me, "How Shall I Live?" the author posed it as a question we answer for life-altering decisions like career choices and places where we decided to locate our lives, but also to answer questions that make decisions about what we choose to wear.

How shall I live?

Then in class we started discussing the industrial complexes that are part of our society. Like the pharmaceutical-medical industrial complex - a industry that brings in millions in profit, while many Americans don't have access to basic healthcare.

How shall I live?

Where is my voice when thousands of American prisioners are laboring at grossly unfair wages to put together products I may use on a regular basis. Is this labor part of the "time" they owe to society?

How shall I live?

What do I do when I know that there are schools in the same school district that educate at a different qualities, and realize its quality is based on the funding capabilites of its neighborhood?

How shall I live?

I am not saying I can save the world from all its problems. And I truly don't believe that we all should be involved in every cause. More than anything though, I encourage you to find a cause you are passionate about and make an effort to make a difference. Educate yourself about our world...Did you know the majority of our world's population lives on $2 a day? I didn't until tonight.

We should begin to ask our deepest self just a bit more, "How shall we live?" Our future self depends on it.

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