Friday, June 13, 2008


The title of this posting is the noise that I made at the podiatrist yesterday. Is this a TMI (Too Much Information) moment? Probably. So, I won't go into too many details :)

I am allergic to novocaine. Yes, really. If you question it - you are not alone. Read the following example...

Doctor: Are you sure you are allergic to novocaine?
Me: Yes
Doctor: How do you know?
Me: Last time I had it my whole body went numb.

The doctor then looks at me suspiciously and writes furiously on his notepad.

This is exactly what happened yesterday at the podiatrist. The one thing I wasn't expecting is that he did not have the substitute for novocaine, to which I am not allergic.

Doctor: Well, I am going to have to go in...
Me: In where?
Doctor: Your toe
Me: Are you going to numb it?
Doctor: I don't want to take the risk of you having a reaction.
Me: Stunned Silence

I was okay for a few seconds, but the next few moments of my life I spent yelling.

My toe still hurts. I think it hurts worse than it did when I first went. I am visibly limping today and it's only because my big toe hurts. People always say this, but it really is hard to grasp unless it happens to you - you never know how much you need a body part until something happens to it that limits your abilities.

It's the same way in the body of Christ. Really. Your gifts, your talents are needed to make it flourish. I read about some of the things that go on in church or in the body of Christ and wonder, "if we all used our talents and gifts for the body of Christ, how much better off would our world be?"

I know I have some gifts that need to be used and I pray that you and I walk through every door that will be part in bringing forth the Kingdom of God.


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JeroMe said...

Hey Frenika, I hope your foot feels better. I had a cyst (sic) on my foot a few years ago that needed medical care, so I kind of know how it feels.
I didn't get injected in my toe though. Ouch.